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A user-friendly mobile application for self-service.


The value of customer self-service in the digital age has increased significantly. It is no longer a nice-to-have tool since above 70% of customers expect self-service applications on the company websites. They want their questions answered and their problems solved quickly. The longer you respond, the worse for you. So as to be competitive in a tight business environment you must have a self-service application that delivers a great customer experience – the one that provides consistency across all communication channels, allows them for the on the go access, is reliable and of course user-friendly.

To increase the satisfaction of T-Mobile customers, we implemented an effective mobile application that provides management functionality on their own accounts.

The fundamental challenge of this project was to provide a highly efficient and useful application. The scope of the projects included:
/ initial activities like the design of functionality and layout of the application as well as an implementation of the mobile application and its integration with domain-specific systems,
/ application was to be available on all mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone,
/ integration with many core business backend systems over the EAI,
/ strong emphasis on usability and excellent design.

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Data streaming at GEOSS.


GEOSS has been built since 2005 by the Group for Earth Observation (GEO). Currently, the group includes nearly 80 countries and over 50 international organizations, including ESA, EUMETSAT and several UN agencies such as UNESCO. Main goals of the GEO’s project are disaster prevention, climate change monitoring, better weather forecasting, water and energy management, monitoring of ecosystems, fight against certain diseases, and support for agriculture and forest management. GEOSS Portal (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) is referred to as data hub which provides the satellite products used by concerned groups of decision-makers, researchers, and analysts engaged in the constant observation of the Earth. The portal collects and provides the observational data from over a million resources, i.e.: satellite, remote sensing, and aerial data and photographs, and research materials from the whole world.

In 2015, the European Space Agency decided to modernize the portal so as to make it more user-friendly both if it goes to data access and navigation. The project was carried out by Eversis in cooperation with Airbus Defence and Space.

The goal was to improve the portal in terms of the existing functionalities and build new, effective tools for the engaged communication between its users. A big challenge was to design and implement such IT solution that would be able to combine and properly stream a large number of constantly flowing observation data, and then enable the end users to use it efficiently and share data resources among specific groups of experts. Eversis developed a completely new intuitive interface of the portal and introduced a number of functionalities that unify the way of obtaining data and provide users with faster and more intuitive access to the ever-growing information resources on the diversity of natural resources around the world. A newly designed interface allows not only for easier data mining but also its faster analysis. Additionally, Eversis implemented a number of social functions thanks to which the end users using the data are to be able to assess the data quality and usefulness. Such a mechanism promotes organizations providing top-quality data. The new version of the portal was solemnly presented during the 13th annual Plenary Session of the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) in Saint Petersburg. Eversis, together with the strategic partner, Airbus Defence and Space, has been developing the portal since mid-2015.

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Simplicity is a real value of IT systems that give the edge to compete in a tight business environment. That is why we design, code and maintain only such IT solutions that make a full use of benefits given by coherence, clarity and reduction of complexity.


Our end-to-end, tailor-made solutions are developed in iterative processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden risks to be taken into account including issues which were not mentioned in the original requirement specifications. We use Java, .Net, Python, Scala technologies. In addition to technologies based on Open Source licenses, we have unique expertise in the field of Voxeo solutions.

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Apache Cassandra wins Big Data messaging data store.


Every day, text messages between the operator and the customers’ mobile devices generate thousands of data gigabytes. The figures are impressive since we talk about 10 million messages daily. The goal was to create an environment that would increase the efficiency of work on a huge data volume and because of that significantly improve text message communication performance between the operator and its 15 million customers.

We have designed and implemented extremely effective mechanism based on Apache Casandra no-SQL database. Thanks to the highest performance, scalability and reliability of the delivered system, the client can now easily track dependencies between messages in any communication channel (SMS, Push Notifications, e-mail) and measure the performance of text communication with a customized analytical mechanism, while the central point for any communication channel allows the fast and efficient textual data exchange between operator and mobile devices. Our system allows processing data intuitively into one coherent and uniformly parameterized chain of processes.

The Big Data system delivered by Eversis has increased the efficiency of text messages stream between the operator and the customers’ devices for about 15%. The introduced mechanisms allowed the operator not only to communicate with the customers’ devices faster and more adequately but also eliminate possible irregularities among the data and thanks to that improve significantly communication performance with clients.

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How UX can save lives?


System Disaster Charter for International Charter for Space and Major Disasters supports the process of collection, delivery, and remote sensing data processing for crisis management services. The system is activated in the event of natural disasters such as cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, technical failures, including pollution by oil and toxic radioactive substances. Due to the critical nature of the support, the application is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The Charter brings together 22 entities from around the world, including space agencies such as French CNES, Indian ISRO, Russian ROSKOSMOS, German DLR or Chinese CNSA. Although its mandate only requires the provision of satellite data quickly and at no cost, the Charter members often collaborate with other value-adding agencies for data analysis and interpretation.

The European Space Agency decided to modernize the portal so as to make it even more efficient. The project was carried out by Eversis in cooperation with Airbus Defence and Space.

Eversis was responsible for designing and implementing major changes which improved the ergonomics of the user’s interface and automation of tasks related to the remote sensing. Since the system is used in extreme situations in which time and precision matter, the main challenge was to design the interface the way its use would be not only simple and stable but also all complex tasks would be fully automated.

As a result, faced with a major emergency, rescue and relief organisations that are armed quickly with reliable and accurate information are better equipped to save lives and limit damage to property, infrastructure and the environment. In October 2017, ESA took over this role for the sixth time and is responsible for ensuring that the Charter’s policies and rules are respected, and for developing partnerships.

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We know how to translate the language of big data into IT solutions which can successfully navigate your business into the right direction.


It is efficient management of data regardless of its format, structure or size that is our core issue while designing and coding software systems for our clients. Our data processing solutions allow our clients to improve accuracy of their business, increase its effectiveness or take immediate actions so as to gain competitive advantage. We carry out tasks related to the integration of data, speech processing or sales optimization. We mainly work on Apache Hadoop, Scala, Apache Spark, Elasticsearch. We also have unique expertise in implementing Verint solutions.

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Speech analytics at work.

ULTIMO, Poland’s leader in credit management, attaches great importance to adhering to high standards of service and to building positive relations with customers. In order to increase the company’s competitiveness, maintain its brand position and customer loyalty, ULTIMO continuously monitors the quality and effectiveness of its operations. Automation of processes, fast and efficient analysis of actions and information from interaction with customers are crucial for achieving success, therefore the company decided to implement the Verint Speech Analytics solution.

The challenge involved adapting the Verint Speech Analytics solution to the requirements of the debt collection industry, including building a dictionary, high level of transcription quality and proper identification of the call context.

5 months after implementing the system and its dedicated dictionary, the results achieved were impressive. The number of listened calls was increased to 100%, 10 categories were defined in key business areas (customer’s attitude, customer’s emotions), with the more effective addressing of the following elements:

/ identification of good practices,
/ identification of conversations with a “negative tone”,
/ identification of existing customer service risks.

The measurement of the effectiveness of conducted campaigns or undertaken actions was also more effective; the System provided significant support for operational activities, the optimization of processes and, more importantly, for identifying customer needs.

Thanks to transcription and speech analysis, monitoring of hundreds of thousands of expressions and phrases, as well as a warning system for detecting interlocutor behaviour, ULTIMO has increased the effectiveness of its activities in the field of quality. Today, 3 years after its implementation, ULTIMO continuously examines over 16 million conversations annually. It is faster in obtaining information in key business areas, relevant to the quality and effectiveness of its operations. Thanks to the implemented system, it is possible to analyze 100% of recorded calls. Data obtained from the application allow for an objective view and identification of good practices that increase the effectiveness of conversations, which may be overlooked when listening on a smaller scale. The company identifies events relevant to the business, in which different attitudes of the interlocutors appear. It analyzes trends and correlates information contained in the system with other relevant data. The implementation of this solution has significantly increased the effectiveness of the quality monitoring process at ULTIMO, which directly translates into very good communication with customers.

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How to make bank-client communication efficient?


BGŻ BNP Paribas, one of the world’s largest banks, attaches great importance to the quality of internal and external communication, which directly translates into maintaining the brand’s high position, the efficiency of its operations and customer loyalty. Therefore, the Bank decided to implement Avaya solutions tailored to its requirements: a corporate ICT system based on the latest IP technology and a Call Center system equipped with such advanced components as: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Avaya Contact Recorder, or advanced systems for reporting Call Center work (Call Management System).

The challenge was to adapt Avaya solutions to the specific requirements of the banking sector and the demanding functional requirements of customers.

The IT system we implemented, based on the AVAYA AURA platform, supports almost 10,000 users at the bank’s head office and in over 500 branches throughout Poland. The solution makes it possible to use the latest telecommunication functionalities, thus maximally facilitating the work of all its users. The system is equipped with an additional conference module (Avaya Aura Conferencing – AAC) that allows organizing multiple teleconferences, up to 300 users at the same time. Thanks to this module, almost 800 voice conferences and more than 120 web conferences are performed monthly. The system is used, among other things, during cyclical meetings of large departments, responding to the need for rapid exchange of information and opinions. Video and web conferencing conferences are perfect for specialized training of employees, eliminating the need for an employee to come from a branch office to the bank’s head office. The ability to record the conference process improves communication and contributes to the increased efficiency of activities. Files from an audio/video/web conference can be downloaded or shared after the conference. In turn, the event conference module, used by the bank’s management to provide all employees with important information, allows not only for asking questions to the conference leader via a chat but also for “organizing” votes and questionnaires for participants. The system implemented at BGŻ BNP Paribas is a solution appreciated and commonly used by all the Bank’s employees.

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75% of business success depends on good communication. We know how to make it 100%  with cutting-edge contact center solutions that we deliver.


Today, a role of contact centres increases. At Eversis, we support our customers in building advanced and effective tools for customer experience communications. We create solutions for multi-touch contact center and unified communications offered on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid. In the area of communications, we are specialists in AVAYA solutions.

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