Software Development

Software development

With an extensive portfolio of technologies and our domain knowledge, we create code that gives your business a competitive advantage. We focus on functional software that is easy to scale as your business grows. You get a ready-to-use product without any licence fees.

What we do

  • Software packages in .NET and JAVA
  • Software interfaces to the other systems
  • Software environment for running the software packages
  • Testing of the software packages and software interfaces (against the functional and non-functional requirements)
  • Detailed User Manuals (prepared for specified user groups)

What you get

  • A dedicated project team: they will deliver your new software within an agreed timeframe
  • Functional software packages: tested and deployed in line with the business requirements.
  • On-demand progress reports
  • Detailed project and software packages specification documents
  • Comprehensive user training
  • Manuals for the end-users.

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