Software Requirements Analysis

Software Requirements Analysis

We start by looking at your software requirements and plan the scope of the development efforts accordingly. Whether you don’t have your own IT department or simply want to outsource this tedious task, we will let your hands free to let you focus on what’s most important: making your business thrive.

What we do

  • Business processes mapping + modelling
  • Functional and non-functional requirements definition
  • Software architecture definition
  • Graphic user interface mock-ups

What you get

  • Business requirements identification: you’ll get a clear picture of what part of your business will be covered by the new software
  • Functional requirements specification: it will detail how the covered part will work and look, and how it will be used to fulfil the business requirements
  • Software architecture specification: It will cover the technical requirements that the custom software must meet to fulfill it functional and business aspects
  • Test Cases: examples that will demonstrate how the functional and technical analysis meets the business requirements

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