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Apache Cassandra wins Big Data messaging data store.


Every day, text messages between the operator and the customers’ mobile devices generate thousands of data gigabytes. The figures are impressive since we talk about 10 million messages daily. The goal was to create an environment that would increase the efficiency of work on a huge data volume and because of that significantly improve text message communication performance between the operator and its 15 million customers.

We have designed and implemented extremely effective mechanism based on Apache Casandra no-SQL database. Thanks to the highest performance, scalability and reliability of the delivered system, the client can now easily track dependencies between messages in any communication channel (SMS, Push Notifications, e-mail) and measure the performance of text communication with a customized analytical mechanism, while the central point for any communication channel allows the fast and efficient textual data exchange between operator and mobile devices. Our system allows processing data intuitively into one coherent and uniformly parameterized chain of processes.

The Big Data system delivered by Eversis has increased the efficiency of text messages stream between the operator and the customers’ devices for about 15%. The introduced mechanisms allowed the operator not only to communicate with the customers’ devices faster and more adequately but also eliminate possible irregularities among the data and thanks to that improve significantly communication performance with clients.

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