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Data streaming at GEOSS.


GEOSS has been built since 2005 by the Group for Earth Observation (GEO). Currently, the group includes nearly 80 countries and over 50 international organizations, including ESA, EUMETSAT and several UN agencies such as UNESCO. Main goals of the GEO’s project are disaster prevention, climate change monitoring, better weather forecasting, water and energy management, monitoring of ecosystems, fight against certain diseases, and support for agriculture and forest management. GEOSS Portal (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) is referred to as data hub which provides the satellite products used by concerned groups of decision-makers, researchers, and analysts engaged in the constant observation of the Earth. The portal collects and provides the observational data from over a million resources, i.e.: satellite, remote sensing, and aerial data and photographs, and research materials from the whole world.

In 2015, the European Space Agency decided to modernize the portal so as to make it more user-friendly both if it goes to data access and navigation. The project was carried out by Eversis in cooperation with Airbus Defence and Space.

The goal was to improve the portal in terms of the existing functionalities and build new, effective tools for the engaged communication between its users. A big challenge was to design and implement such IT solution that would be able to combine and properly stream a large number of constantly flowing observation data, and then enable the end users to use it efficiently and share data resources among specific groups of experts. Eversis developed a completely new intuitive interface of the portal and introduced a number of functionalities that unify the way of obtaining data and provide users with faster and more intuitive access to the ever-growing information resources on the diversity of natural resources around the world. A newly designed interface allows not only for easier data mining but also its faster analysis. Additionally, Eversis implemented a number of social functions thanks to which the end users using the data are to be able to assess the data quality and usefulness. Such a mechanism promotes organizations providing top-quality data. The new version of the portal was solemnly presented during the 13th annual Plenary Session of the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) in Saint Petersburg. Eversis, together with the strategic partner, Airbus Defence and Space, has been developing the portal since mid-2015.

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