We secured public sector financing in a Space Technologies tender

Announcement of the results. Image source: gov.pl.

We’re pleased to inform you about our recent success! We have been awarded by the National Center for Research and Development in their competition “Fast Track – Space Technologies.” 15 projects received funding in the total amount of 143 million PLN, as it was announced on Feb 21, 2020.  

Our project “System of support for responding to sudden natural phenomena by generating geoinformation obtained from automatic analysis of optical and radar satellite products” scored the most points. 

This support system will process satellite data with remote sensing in an automated manner. As a potential user of this system, you will be able to select an area and phenomenon, and based on the available images, the system will generate relevant images similar to this one

The project focuses in particular on scenarios related to responding to emergencies and disasters. As a result of this project, Eversis will own a system that will simplify and accelerate the acquisition of information about the location and scale of natural phenomena to allow faster response. 

This project will last 2 years; the first prototypes of the tool will be available this year.  

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