Eversis invests in Wizlink.

Eversis has invested in Wizlink, a tool helping companies automate routine tasks, including such as entering or copying data, writing emails or working with documents. The Eversis investment is a response to the growing market demand for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions, especially in the banking or insurance sector where the company implements complex and difficult projects in the area of big data, custom development, speech analytics and contact centre.

“In today’s world time is converted directly into money. Effective business processes are a competitive advantage. And that’s what matters. Already in 2016, McKinsey presented a report showing that up to 70% of corporate tasks can be automated using artificial intelligence. Therefore, RPA technologies are gaining more and more popularity. They are welcomed by organizations that want to reduce costs, increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage. That is why the decision to invest in Wizlink – an extremely simple, intuitive and effective tool is the next step on the road to expanding our offer. RPA technologies are the future and we want to take part in its creation.” – says Tomasz Finogenow, CEO at Eversis.

Wizlink does not require any changes related to the integration of the application. The user who creates the scenarios does not need to know the code or data structures. Wizlink communicates with the screen presentation layer of the application, but can also use databases, Excel spreadsheets or web services. Wizlink reads and writes data to/from the application by communicating through display objects.

“Wizlink has been designed to provide the maximum efficiency using current systems without the need to change them. The value provided arises thanks to the integration of the applications owned by the client without referring to the database or the source code. Developers are not needed for this. Wizlink is a business tool with versatile possibilities: very flexible – operational scenarios can be tailored to individual needs. Graphic scenario editor using the point-and-click approach, high efficiency in customer service, sales or service centres – wherever the employee uses simultaneously many IT systems, fast implementation and short training time, supports applications in browsers and traditional (so-called . thick client), already owned applications are not modified – changes and automation in processes are implemented without the participation of IT providers – these are the features of our solution.” – says Kasjan Kajrunajty, co-creator of Wizlink

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