Eversis develops eoMall, an online marketplace for Earth observation data products and services.

Eversis has been awarded by the European Association of Remote Sensing (EARSC) for development of an online Marketplace for the Earth Observation (EO) Service sector. eoMALL will provide a strong, web-based, marketing tool for European EO innovative companies to promote their top quality services and products. It will enable companies in the actual small but fast-growing online market, improve the understanding of EO users’ needs in this specific market and engage with non-EO communities.


“Our objective is to make eoMALL platform that is both communication and sales channel, as efficient as it is possible. It requires the excellent design of the information architecture. But before it happens, the first step is to identify and carefully analyse the real needs of the target groups, decode their communication habits, decipher their core values or deconstruct of their knowledge gaps. Much work at the beginning, a lot of information and data to be analysed but at the end of the day we will have a simple, intuitive and first of all a useful platform to commercialize earth observation data products and services.” – BS, Eversis


eoMALL will enable European companies to reach new customers & new markets and develop their business, offer new services meeting customer needs, develop new partnerships and overcome the strong fragmentation, which exists in Europe, address the challenges and benefit from the digital economy and develop in a global market. The platform will enable the interactive promotion of downstream EO-based products and services focused on the needs of a global user-base.


It is not the first contract of Eversis related to this project. At the beginning of 2018, Eversis won a first stage of the competitive dialogue. The three winning consortia had only nine weeks to implement a prototype.

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