Eversis at My Customer World.

Eversis is a bronze sponsor of #MyCustomerWorld – an event inspired by the customers’ experiences. Michał Wawiórko, our special ops guy, in a few words will tell you why we decided to participate in the #MCWForum. 75% of business success depends on good communication with customers. Customers’ expectations and needs, cultural and legal factors, behavioural and communication models all make up the customer’s world. At Eversis, we exactly know how crucial is to be a part of this world. The first #MyCustomerWorld Forum & Expo will take place in Warsaw as soon as on 9th May 2018. More than 45 experts’ presentations, 32 exhibitors, 3 premieres, and over 400 people seeking knowledge and inspiration, focused on the customer’s world, all in one place. For more information, visit the event website: https://mycustomer.world


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