Our custom software development for Waive

Waive offers a custom built tool that offers advanced data analytics of information retrieved from social media.
Waive offered its clients a pre-configured platform that offers advanced data analytics of information retrieved from Twitter.

We’ve finalized a custom software development project commissioned by Waive – the British startup company that helps its clients run more effective marketing campaigns.  

The company’s core business is a Consumer Intelligence Platform that uses AI and machine learning to better connect businesses with their future consumers. It helps marketers discover marketing opportunities they weren’t aware of, by maximizing the impact of their content and by saving time. The startup approached us to help program the Platform as part of our custom software development services.

As part of the project, we deployed the full production environment on Google Cloud and established the full pipeline for data management. This involved taking over the AI algorithms assigned to Twitter for deployment on Google Cloud through Power Track. This allowed us to configure the full data management pipeline based on BigQuery as well as Google Cloud Scheduler and Google Cloud Monitoring. We selected the most effective solution for their computational needs.  

Thanks to the power of AI, Waive’s unique platform points out the latest market trends around a given search topic (eg. brand name) in a comprehensive manner, based on the information pulled directly from social media.  

To be more precise, the tool applies AI and machine learning to: 

  • alert to trends that have the potential to go viral, 
  • indicate how long the trend is likely to last, 
  • estimate its reach, 
  • allow us to go back and validate whether the predictions were accurate. 

The platform is an excellent source of ideas for content creation and marketing direction. It analyzes verbatim data that can be pulled out instantly from social media, which is probably the most reliable source of information on consumer behavior. Above all, by automating the task, it helps marketers save time on research and get straight to the action. 

We cannot wait to see how Mars’ sales numbers will improve in a few months from now.  

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