T-mobile Case Study: customer experience went omnichannel

“Our customers now have the same information and the same processes available on any channel, thanks to the integrated platform designed and implemented by Eversis.”

Daniel Kietlinski, Principal Call Center Architect, T-Mobile


As T-mobile observed a change in customer expectations, users demanded detailed information about their service packages and bills. They also wanted to be able to order additional services, such as data packages, roaming plans or entertainment content such as Netflix subscriptions through different channels.

T-mobile was looking for a solution that would improve their overall customer experience. However, it was unable to provide self-service options in existing customer applications across different channels because of outdated and complex software architecture. Even simple backend adjustments required modification of each application dedicated to a particular channel.


Eversis integrated all the existing backend systems (billing, CRM, media) on a dedicated platform and provided unified, universal business services for each channel (IVR, web, mobile). The integration platform was based on Aspect CXP (Voxeo). The solution allowed to:

  • define, configure and deploy advanced customer experience communication flows 
  • integrate them with any channel
  • perform 80% of backend reconfigurations within the platform
  • easily implement innovative technologies, such as chatbots or AI that predicts Next Best Actions


With the dedicated Voxeo platform, T-mobile could easily intersperse innovative services (such as chatbots or social media messaging) into existing, traditional customer-care processes, offering a truly omnichannel experience. In addition, T-Mobile significantly cut the cost of development and maintenance of customer care applications.

The project in numbers:

  • application development costs were cut by 30% 
  • 8 back-end systems were integrated to provide services for web and mobile self-care, SMS/Push notifications gateway 
  • the platform provided services for registered 3 mln customers 
  • 500 k users use the platform every day

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