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Ultimo Case Study: Automating customer data analysis with Verint

The client

Ultimo is one of the leading debt management companies in Poland. It specializes in the purchase of mass consumer claims, in particular from the banking and telecommunications sectors, as well as in the recovery of overdue receivables. The company prioritizes compliance with high standards of customer service and building positive relations with clients. 

The problem

In order to increase the company’s competitiveness and customer loyalty, as well as to maintain the brand’s strong position on the market, ULTIMO conducts ongoing monitoring of the quality and effectiveness of activities at scale. In this type of business, process automation, quick and effective analysis of activities and data on client interactions are the key to success.

The solution

For the above reasons, the company decided to implement Verint Speech Analytics. The challenge was to customize the Verint solution to the requirements of the debt management segment, which required setting up a dedicated dictionary. It was necessary to assure the highest quality of transcriptions and the most accurate identification of the context of conversations.

The result

With Verint’s transcription and speech analysis, monitoring of hundreds of thousands of expressions and phrases, and a warning system about changes in the behavior of interlocutors, ULTIMO has successfully increased the quality of its activities. Implementation of this solution significantly increased the efficiency of the quality monitoring process in ULTIMO, which directly translates into very good communication with clients.

Only 5 months after the implementation of Verint Speech Analytics and its dedicated dictionary, the number of analyzed conversations increased to 100%. Today, 3 years after the implementation of Verint, ULTIMO investigates over 16 million calls per year. It acquires key business information faster, which is important for the quality and effectiveness of operations.

By analyzing trends and correlating information contained in the system with other relevant data, it also helped to identify:

  • 10 unique categories (e.g. client’s attitude or emotions) in the key business areas
  • best practices
  • conversations of “negative character”
  • risks related to customer service

Verint Speech Analytics also enabled a more efficient assessment of activities and campaign effectiveness. The system provided significant support to operations and process optimization and allowed for accurate identification of customer needs, which is extremely important for the business.


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