Case studies

Play Case Study: enhanced customer experience with Verint

The client

P4 is the operator of Play – one of the largest telecommunication providers in the Polish market. Play does not have an in-house customer service department and cooperates with external customer service providers to assist their end-users.

The need

The business model chosen by P4 did not assure full control over customer service. The company would receive recordings of randomly selected calls from their outsourced call centers. This had an adverse effect on the quality assessment that required a lot of time and manpower, which in turn slowed down decision-making.

The solution

P4 decided to improve the quality of customer service in the following three steps:

  • by centralizing the IVR, to enable data export to the analytical platform owned by Play, 
  • by recording the calls centrally, to gain greater control over business partners and to enabling data export to the analytical platform owned by Play, 
  • by integrating Verint® Speech Analytics™ in order to  “listen to” every customer call and to analyze 100% calls in order to identify quality issues, training opportunities, sales opportunities, process issues, marketing feedback, etc.

In addition, P4 opted to obtain the Verint Quality Management license (one of the components of Verint Workforce Management) to maximize the effectiveness of  Speech Analytics™ and to further improve Quality Assurance.

The result

Having acquired Verint® Speech Analytics™ P4 observed an increase in the Customer Satisfaction rate as well as an improvement in the Quality Assurance process. In addition, the solution allowed to identify:

  • sales opportunities to increase business effectiveness, 
  • potential operational risks (including reputation risks) that were subsequently eliminated,
  • areas for process improvement to mitigate customer complaints and resulting costs,
  • reasons for customer churn which allowed to develop an early warning system that significantly improved customer retention.

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