Are we ready for the apps embedded in chat?

In 2016, we saw the beginning of a revolution in the communications between users and brands. I call it a revolution with full awareness. For over 10 years now, I have been developing the Self Care applications, and only one word comes to my mind to describe what’s happening just right now in front of our eyes, and it’s “WOW!”

Chatbots come into our lives. Some use the artificial intelligence to add them even more charm which I think is in many cases unnecessary and quite often is the misleading approach. But it is different story…

Chatbots’ goal is to be easy to navigate and useful. I suggest calling them “applications embedded in chat” #AppInTheChat. Over the last few years having a mobile application was forced by reality (“because everyone has their own application“). Such application was a communication interface which one can call “a chat in application” (by contrast to #AppInTheChat). Today, the technology has become mature enough that it is likely to implement very rich scenarios within the chat, what in most cases, so far, have been possible only within the framework of dedicated applications.

And here comes the era of #AppInTheChat and I’m wondering wheather it will change our daily lives just little bit or completely?