A few things that stuck in my mind after Chatbot Summit 2017.

Recently, I attended a groundbreaking event – #ChatbotSummit, which took place on 26 June in Berlin. The topics, unique people and close localization made that I had to be there 😉

The Summit offered three parallel thematic blocks and unfortunately, it was impossible to find yourself in three different places listening to these brilliant ideas. One of the most important conclusions of this Summit confirms the trend of moving from App Economy to Bot Economy. Gartner predicts that by 2020 20% of businesses will abandon their mobile app. We should treat it seriously.

At one of the presentations, I met with a very interesting conclusion that may show the potential of messaging platforms.

Which application do we use just after waking up? Apart of the alarm clock, of course 😉

What screen do we see at the beginning?…

Answer is – Notifications!

This is exactly the place where we decide which application to launch first. As you may guess, new message notifications are opened first. With today’s technology and openness of instant messaging platforms for business, engaging a user has never been so easy.

When it comes to engagement, there’s one thing that deeply stuck in my mind after the conference. While creating the communication logic, it might be worth use of the so-called “Magic Moments“. These are the moments in conversation that, based on the context, are able to trigger a specific user response, e.g. by the element of surprise. It’s not that easy, but it pays off.

During the talks with other chatbots enthusiasts, we fully agreed that great technology is already present and now the key is how chatbots can solve the real business problems. That’s why I think that mainly we have to focus and put the much emphasis on the business aspects of creating chatbots by sharing, for example, the success stories. It may also be a good idea to draw conclusions from implementations that have not reached the intended benefits to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Thanks to that, chatbot adoption will speed up among users, what I wish for myself and any of you!