Google Analytics isn’t enough? Here’s what you can do

Software development

One of our clients – a leading telecommunication company – wanted to install web and mobile applications for their clients. The goal was to manage their accounts and enable self-service.  The web application was to be available in many domains (multi-brand applications). 

The challenge?  

A traditional approach based on Google Analytics, or Mixpanel did not fulfill the requirements since most of these platforms allow only to export raw event data while the company needed advanced reports which were to cover many aspects of the business, including: 

  • customer transaction history (payments, transactions, due dates) 
  • data used for segmentation (profile data, mobile phone) 
  • omnichannel oriented solution (possible to join data from other communication sources) 

This architecture was to collect events and predict customer actions on any channel. 

We focused on architecture 

User events came from many sources (various web applications and mobile devices). Each source of events used Javascript or native mobile technologies to send REST messages with user data. 

The goal was to receive data without any delay and push messages for future transformation. The architecture based on the Amazon Web Services stack was built on the following components: 

  • Amazon API Gateway – the entry point for requests, which expose REST API for applications and web pages. The REST API can be executed from any software. The API Gateway supports simple anonymous authentication as well as the advanced (tokens, API IDs). The message resized by the API Gateway is passed to Amazon Kinesis Stream 
  • Amazon Kinesis – this part of the system provides three different components: 

Amazon Streams – the role of the component is to receive data messages and build the execution queue. The benefit of this component is scalability – this component could be scaled further as traffic increases. 

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